Buying and Selling is at the core of every business while the provision of Trade Finance helps a business to grow.
These three primary trade activities are essentially money processes represented by
Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Trade Loans within a business.

PLX Capital is a digital trade bank for SMEs which provides technology for these processes and low-cost trade financing.

Global Trade

PLX Capital is a new kind of digital bank for businesses and people.

We facilitate the participation of non-banks in global trade by issuing digital bonds which offer a short- term, low-risk, high-interest coupon.

Any person can become a member of PLX Capital. We uniquely offer exchangeable digital asset that represent the fiat currency on deposit.

Digital Banking

Becoming a PLX Capital member begins with downloading our Member App. When a deposit round begins, users can deposit money by transferring it from their regular bank account or card to a designated PLX Capital account.

In return, PLX Capital automatically issues PLX Assets. These are exchangeable digital asset that represent the fiat currency on deposit.

PLX Assets can be sold back to PLX Capital at their base price or sold on crypto-currency exchanges at a higher market price than the deposits they represent.

The appreciation formula:
Current Base Price = (Deposits + Transaction Fees) / Number of Existing Plexus Assets
Note, Transaction Fees = Payment Fees + Trade Loan Fees which are payable with every payment or trade loan.


PLX Capital Tokens provide the following properties:

  1. Appreciating Asset – PLX Capital Tokens cannot decrease in Euro value. They are designed to appreciate as 100% of transaction fees are added to the deposits.
  2. Asset Backed – Money on deposit is insured up to their base price.
  3. Purchase Rights – Deposit rounds are offered to PLX Asset holders first.
  4. Secured Base Price – PLX Capital issues and repurchases PLX Assets at their base price for zero charges.

Deposit Rounds

PLX Capital is accepting a limited number of deposits grouped in rounds. Each round will be opened to depositors as demand for financing begins to exceed our capacity to lend.

Whereas the first deposit round will be open to all, subsequent rounds will prioritize existing members. Only if existing members do not fill the quota of the round will new depositors be accepted.

Digital Trade Bank

PLX Capital is a new way to bank. PLX Assets can also be sold on regulated crypto exchanges where their market price will be higher than the guaranteed current base price.

PLX Capital is transparent, all transactions are verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike standard banks, PLX Capital does not lend out more money than it has on deposit, so we cannot have a ‘run on the bank’. Trade Loans are also underwritten by AIG, so your money is safer with PLX Capital than it is at a bank.

Plexus Group

Plexus Platform Ltd. – marketing and management; based in Ireland.
Cognatus Platform Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – development and systems; based in India.


Core Team

Mark Casey

Mark heads the group company which is based in Ireland. He is a blockchain innovator, serial entrepreneur with two decades of experience in Fintech and Infotech domains. BSc. in Electrical/Electronic Engineer specialising in software engineering and a BSc. in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin.

Marcus Piotrowski

Marcus heads our systems company based in Poland. He is a Microsoft engineer with a financial background who specialises in operations after exiting his last start-up. BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Rakshit Kalra

Rakshit heads our development company based in India. He is a software architect with a financial background and is well versed in the arts of decentralization and AI. Integrated BS & MS (Major: Physics) from Indian Institute of Science Education & Research.


Chief Commercial Officer


Heading our sales and marketing and with over ten years’ professional experience in trade finance and business development. He has built companies from the ground and more importantly keeps them growing.

Our Management

Paul Doherty

Paul has more than 25 years’ experience in Insurance, Finance and FinTech. He is an experienced finance consultant with senior roles in stockbroking, banking, insurance and risk management. MBA in Corporate Finance from UCD, MSc in Software Product Management from DIT.


Chief Financial Officer


Currently he is the group head of an international bank.

Our Advisory Board

Dennis Jennings

A pioneer whose decision in the 1980 to use the TCP/IP protocol made the internet what is today. In recognition, he was accepted into the internet hall of fame in 2014.

Pearse Ryan

Partner at Arthur Cox Law firm, specialising in technology & innovation.

Lionel Taylor

Highly experienced trade finance expert from Trade Advisory Network.

John Bugeja

Highly experienced trade finance expert from Trade Advisory Network.

Adrian Forbes

ICO advisor with financial background, recently advised in Cardona token sale.

John Mitchell

30 years’ experience in banking, has an extensive network.

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Registered in Ireland in 2016.
CRO: 590812
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